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I got an exception "
An exception was thrown while attempting to evaluate a LINQ query parameter expression. To show additional information call EnableSensitiveDataLogging() when overriding DbContext.OnConfiguring.

My code:
var temp = db.MyTable.Where(x => == y.Value && z.Name == "Score")
 if(temp ! = null)
     myDto.Score = temp.Value

What I have tried:

I already checked the temp null.
Updated 15-Apr-20 21:35pm
phil.o 7-Sep-19 12:36pm    
Chances are, the z variable is not related to anything.

With EF, keep in mind that ANYTHING you put in the Where clause will be converted to the SQL language of the backing database engine.

Anything on the left side of a comparison refers to a column in your database table. You can pass values in on the right side of the comparison, so long as it's convertible to SQL code.

In your case, the EF has no idea what "z" refers to your database table.
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I too got the same exception, but not every time. Even I will check for the null value of that object the same as this, Can anyone suggest the best result. Check the query, how I implemented it in my code.

var temp = db.MyTable.Where(x => == y.Value && x.Name == "Score")
if(temp ! = null)
myDto.Score = temp.Value
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CHill60 16-Apr-20 4:18am    
If you have a question then use the red "Ask a question" link at the top of the page. Do not use the "Add a Solution" link to another post, nor start typing in the "Add your solution here" input box, unless you are trying to answer a question

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