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Hi i have never used random before in VB and i was wondering... I have 4 textboxes which have text inserted into them. Now when i click a button i wish to randomize the text(not the actual text) so that each of the 4 words go into a random textbox between the 4 textboxes. How would this be done. Bear in mind i am new to VB and would like to learn.

What I have tried:

I have no idea where to start i know i may need to declare a random object but thats about it. Please help.
Updated 27-Jan-19 4:13am

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Let me see if I understand you first - your explanation isn't that clear.
You have four text boxes:
  1       2      3      4
Hello   There   My   Friend
And you want to press a button and "swap" the text about randomly:
  1       2      3      4
There  Friend   My    Hello
  1       2      3      4
My     Friend  There  Hello
And so on.

That's not difficult to do, but to make it easier, create an array of strings and copy the text into it:
Dim data As String() = New String(3) {}
data(0) = textBox1.Text
data(1) = textBox2.Text
data(2) = textBox3.Text
data(3) = textBox4.Text
Now, you can just use the index number to decide what to move around.
So create a Random instance, and run a loop:
Dim rand As Random = New Random()

For i As Integer = 0 To 10 - 1
The loop runs more times than there are elements to really mix them about!
Inside the loop, generate two indexes from the Random generator, and swap the elements:
Dim index1 As Integer = rand.[Next](4)
Dim index2 As Integer = rand.[Next](4)
Dim temp As String = data(index1)
data(index1) = data(index2)
data(index2) = temp

Now all you have to do is put the strings back into the text boxes!
textBox1.Text = data(0)
textBox2.Text = data(1)
textBox3.Text = data(2)
textBox4.Text = data(3)
All done!
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