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Hi programmers,
I'm Thijs, 13 years old and i'm from Belgium.
I'm learning Python right now, but i got a question.
How can i turn my python file into a real program where users can do something on? For example; i just created a guessing game inside my text editor , how do i place it on the web so that people can play it?
(btw my text editor is PyCharm)
How does Marck Zucerberg created facebook when there where no programs for framework etc like Django (i assume that facebook isn't maked with an app like that haha).
Hope my quistion is clear, i'm still a beginner so all tips are welcome!
Regards Thijs

What I have tried:

Searched on google but my question isn't clear yet.
Updated 2-Jul-23 3:16am

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Hi Thijs, welcome to the world of programmers.

As for creating a program from your python code, it will need to be compiled into an executable. This S/O item may help guide you:
Create a single executable from a Python project - Stack Overflow[^]

Facebook was originally written in PHP, which is an interpreted language; basically compiled as a page is requested by a Common Gateway Interface (CGI)... and CGIs date back to the early 1990s. Mark had nothing to worry about
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CHill60 1-Feb-19 23:14pm    
5'd. For being kind. Hopefully Thijs will stick around and become a programmer because of your encouragmemt :-)
Thijsdm 2-Feb-19 12:29pm    
Thank you! that's a usefull answer, i hope i can create on one day my own apps and programs, thanks!
Thijsdm 3-Feb-19 14:39pm    
is it usefull to use an CGI with python? Or is it better to use something like pyinstaller?
Thijsdm 3-Feb-19 14:45pm    
And can i make a more complexe program to with that? For example how do it works if i wanna make a social media platform like instagram or so (not that i can make that haha, but just to be curious)?

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