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Hi guys.
I want some ideas how to create a drag and drop course builder with ASP.NET
is my graduation project
basically the general idea about the project is to create an online Html web page.
that can be a very helpful tool for professors and students.

Example :

so any ideas or reference that can i start with ?
and how i can integrate component like (Text, Image ...) in html web page with drag and drop ?
Thank you a lot guys.

What I have tried:

a lot of searching with no result.
Updated 14-Mar-21 8:55am
F-ES Sitecore 9-Feb-19 16:37pm    
If you don't know how to get started and you've searched and haven't managed to find anything that explains how to do drag and drop then the task is probably beyond you. What you're effectively doing is WYSIWG page editor, or CMS (content management system).
THEO DREAK 9-Feb-19 17:27pm    
Thank you your quick replay :)
I find some example made with java-script framework but is not helpful in my case because I had to create the project with ASP .NET
and my knowledge about this kind of project is not enough.
that way i need your help guys

You use Javascript to write the drag and drop part of the project. See HTML5 Drag and Drop[^].
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THEO DREAK 10-Feb-19 10:53am    
Thank for your replay
but the problem is how to structure gradable elements in canvas to html web page.
Richard MacCutchan 10-Feb-19 12:20pm    
FYI I am not a spammer. I only commented like what twice? I am a coder googling for something related and happened to chance upon this community. The reports and unaccounted for strikes against me just isn't fair. Whatever happened to the more solutions the better? My account with email was closed for reasons claiming im a spammer that don't care about date of post. Come on now. How would I know that would be an issue. if date of post was such an issue then why would you open the comments section for us to comment? Such authoritarian way of dealing with newcomers is just sad. Either your way of dealing with spam is highly flawed or I'm just not worthy of being part of your group. With covid and what not going around, why are you people doing these kinds of things on another fellow coder who is just trying to participate?
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Richard MacCutchan 15-Mar-21 12:52pm    
Posting this in a two year old question is the right way to get yourself flagged as a spammer. If you have a problem with the site then report it in the proper place: Bugs and Suggestions[^].
Member 15100712 15-Mar-21 14:41pm    
Thanks for suggesting that. I'll make sure I'll drop a comment in the bugs and suggestions section if I'm allowed to of course.

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