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I want to make a simple program executable for windows, i want the program to display a picture and over that picture i want to display some transparent gifs (or whatever file type that supports transparency), and when you klick on that transparent gifs for example, i want to change that gif with another in its place... there will be many of them in many plases over that background image... but they must be in very precise places, to pixel.

What is the simplest way to make such a program? my background in programing includes some very old versions of pascal and i know some html

What language or application (preferably free) should i use? help here guys

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I haven't tried anything yet.
I haven't tried anything yet.
Updated 26-Feb-19 8:45am

If your background is very old Pascal and HTML, then I wouldn't start with C++ to be honest - I'd start with C# instead. It's a simpler language, which is tightly bound to the .NET framework, which means that what you want to do becomes pretty simple.

Create a WinForms app, drop a PictureBox onto it.
In the Form.Load event (similar to the OnClick and so forth that you use in HTML to add Javascript code to a webpage) load the first picture and set it as the Image property of the Picturebox.
Handle the PictureBox.Click event and load another picture.

All done.

But ... I'd strongly recommend that you start with a course or a book (Wrox and Addison Wesley both do some very good ones) to learn C# and .NET before wading into this - there is a lot you could easily miss that would have made your life a lot simpler if you don't!
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The easiest way is to start with C#. Take a look at this example proejct. For detecting bitmap you can use the mouse click events.

tip: take the time to learn the basic for not fizzling around.
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tool__ 26-Feb-19 10:58am    
Thanks for the answers guys.
How do i download the C# language? is it included in visual studio?
get me started please

is this the right IDE?
RickZeeland 26-Feb-19 13:42pm    
Yep, it's free for personal and limited commercial use. If you have a recent Windows version you will have .NET installed and can use C#.
tool__ 26-Feb-19 15:48pm    
In 1-2 hours i have already a program that running, it displays a picture, thankfully it does not destroy it in any way because is very detailed, but the placement is bad, when i go full screen the picrure is in the left corner and the rest is grey and suposed to be in the center and the rest white....

what you mean by limited commercial, i cant sell the program when it's finised? i dont have such plans, just asking...
RickZeeland 26-Feb-19 15:52pm    
You can read about the license here:
So if you have either (a) more than 250 PCs or users or (b) one million U.S. dollars in annual revenues, you can not use it for free :)
RickZeeland 26-Feb-19 15:57pm    
Use the Align or Dock properties of the PictureBox to make it size with the Form.
I agree that C# is a good choice for Windows programming, however as you know Pascal you might also be interested in a Pascal language like Lazarus.
Here are some options:[^]
Lazarus is free and open source, in contrast to Delphi which has become very expensive.
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tool__ 26-Feb-19 15:58pm    
i watched some tutorials on the internet and i found C# very similar to Pascal,if im not be able to do what i want with c# i may go with Lazarus thanks
RickZeeland 26-Feb-19 16:01pm    
Might also be the best choice if you want to pursue a programming career, there is not much demand for Pascal programmers nowadays !

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