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Hi all,

Can anyone advise what is the best way to display interactive graphs on a web page. I would like to have a linear graph and a slider that controls a vertical line on the graph. So, the idea is whenever the slider is moved the vertical line moves along the graph and there should be a label showing the x-value and y-value in text form, wherever the vertical line intersects with the linear graph.

The linear graph is drawn by reading x and y co-ordinates from a file.

Can I use plain ASP.NET? Or would it be better to use Silverlight since it is interactive graphical display? Perhaps, there is an off-the-shelf API that does this funtionality already?

I would very much appreciate any advice.

Thank you in advance

There are some built in Chart controls in 4.0. Scott Guthrie[^] has a blog post with lots of info on getting started.

They aren't really "interactive" out of the box though. You will have to get you hands a bit dirty with some javascript/ajax to manipulate them. 4GuysFromRolla have an article on Enhancing Charts With Ajax[^] (also linked from Scott's blog) which should get you started.

If you'd rather go down the silverlight route, take a look at the silverlight toolkit[^] which includes some charting controls[^]
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