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I am making a procedure for usersearch that has the following parameter:
@BusinessName nvarchar(200) = null,
@BusinessDescription nvarchar(250) =null

create procedure [dbo].[UserSearch]
@BusinessName nvarchar(200) = null,
@BusinessDescription nvarchar(250) =null
if(@BusinessName  is not null  and @BusinessDescription is null)
select BusinessName,BusinessLikes,BusinessUrl,BusinessAddress2,CountryName, UserId, BusinessCity,BusinessAddress1,StateName,BusinessCreationDate,BusinessTotalReviews,BusinessRatingValue,BusinessKeywords,
            case when BusinessLogo is null or BusinessLogo = '' then 'default.gif' 
            else BusinessLogo end as BusinessLogo,BusinessCategories,substring(BusinessBriefDescription,1,60) as BusinessBriefDescription,BusinessId,BusinessPostalCode
            from  tblBusinesses where BusinessStatus =1 and  (BusinessName Like  @BusinessName + '%')  

Now I need:
(if @businessdescription is not null and @businessname is null)

The problem is that I can use this condition but for this I have to use again the avobe select query. I only need to change in where condition. Can I use my next condition in where clause? If yes than how?
Updated 13-Dec-10 18:18pm
JF2015 14-Dec-10 0:18am    
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1 solution

Perhaps the following condition would help
where BusinessStatus =1 and
  (BusinessName Like  @BusinessName + '%' and @BusinessName  is not null)
  (BusinessDescription Like  @BusinessDescription + '%' and @BusinessDescription is not null)

And you dont need the if(@BusinessName is not null and @BusinessDescription is null) anymore
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balongi 14-Dec-10 0:51am    
But if both parameter are not null then it never reach to second parameter because of ('or') condition. it accept first and give result basis of business name , however i put wrong description

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