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I have an Outlook account like company name abc and Outlook id is and i want to integration using c# for send and receive mail by IMAP.

Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Garg

What I have tried:

string Mailserver = "";
string MailServerPort = "993";
string MailServerUsername = "";
string MailServerPwd = "Password";
var client = new ImapX.ImapClient("", 993, true);
client.Login(MailServerUsername, MailServerPwd);

ImapClient imap = new ImapClient(Mailserver, Convert.ToInt32(MailServerPort), true);
imap.IsDebug = true;
ImapClient imapClient;
int count = client.Folders.Inbox.Messages.Count();

its showing zero count.
Updated 8-Apr-19 1:25am

1 solution

I would try running this in DEBUG with some IF...THEN & TRY...CATCH blocks as well as some Breakpoints to see what path you are actually following.
string Mailserver = "";
int MailServerPort = 993;          // why set this as a string to convert back later?
string MailServerUsername = "";
string MailServerPwd = "Password";

try {
  var client = new ImapX.ImapClient("", 993, true);

  if (!client.Connect()) {
    // Connection Failed ==> TODO: Figure out why
  } else {
    // We connected.... Now lets try to login

    if (!client.Login(MailServerUsername, MailServerPwd)) {
      // Login failed ==> TODO: Figure out why
    } else {
      // continue with your code, using similar techniques
} catch (Exception ex) {
  // TODO:  Analyze EX and work from there

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alexcoder99 9-Apr-19 11:04am    
When diagnosing any email connectivity related issues I find using Telnet to query the email server using the same credentials at the network level a really useful technique to identify any errors; once I have connectivity using Telnet its often just a case of building a connection using the same configuration in code

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