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I am using the code below to create numerous randomly positioned filled circles on the screen. But I need the filled circles to be transparent so that the user can see the circles that are underneath or overlapping. Is there an easy way to do this??

Private Sub MakeCircles ()
Import System.Drawing.Drawing2D  
Dim Xtemp, Ytemp As Integer
Dim Ltemp As Single
Dim ShapeBrush As New Drawing2D.HatchBrush(HatchStyle.Min, Color.Black, Color.White)
Dim PenColor As New Pen(Color.Black, 2)
Dim MakeShapes As Graphics
MakeShapes = Me.CreateGraphics
For temp = 1 To 70
    Xtemp = 15 + (Rnd() * 800)
    Ytemp = 15 + (Rnd() * 350)
    Ltemp = 20 + (Rnd() * 200)
    Wtemp = 20 + (Rnd() * 200)
    MakeShapes.FillEllipse(ShapeBrush, Xtemp, Ytemp, Ltemp, Wtemp)
    MakeShapes.DrawEllipse(PenColor, Xtemp, Ytemp, Ltemp, Wtemp)

Gary V
Updated 1-Jan-11 12:28pm
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Jan-11 18:29pm    
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Jan-11 18:35pm    
I was going to say that ... 5+
GaryV100 1-Jan-11 18:54pm    
WOW That worked!!!! Thanks so much!!!
Gary V
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Jan-11 21:40pm    
Quite easy, isn't? A 5, anyway.

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