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I am a beginner to coding.I have to find the area of a circle using c ,I wrote the code but I run it it shows 'undefined reference to main'.Please explain what I'm doing wrong

What I have tried:

#include <stdio.h>

float area(float r)
    float area;
    printf("\nEnter the radius of Circle : ");
    scanf("%f", &r);
    area = 3.14 * r * r;
    printf("\nArea of Circle : %f", area);

    return area;
Updated 20-Jun-23 22:56pm

Every program has what is called an "entry point" - a place in the code that the system "knows" will start the application.

It's kind of like a book - when you start reading it, you begin at the first page of text: the introduction or chapter 1, depending.

For a C console app, it's a function called main
So add this below the area function:
int main()
   float r = 0.0f;
   float f = area(f);
   return 0;
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Every C program must have a main function. It is the entry point of the program.

Refer to this How to write a good C main function |[^]
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