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how to change the frequency of sound from microphone in windows application c#?

Updated 5-Jan-11 18:10pm
JF2015 6-Jan-11 0:10am    
Sorry, but your question is not clear. Please tell us a bit more what you are trying to achieve.

i want windows application that Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback from microphone. for example file download from
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In principle, you cannot modify frequency of the sound from microphone in real time, because if would violate principle of Causality, pretty much like like travel or sending data at the speed above the speed on light. I'm serious. Ha-ha! ;) case closed.

Stop! Don't start flamе, anyone! Think first. See below.

In reality, it all depends on what you call "change frequency".
If this is about real-time voice modification, such tricks are possible by digitally transforming input signal to introduce non-linear distortions. In particular, perceivable pitch of the human voice can be modified, but this is absolutely not the same as change in frequency.

Is it something you're interesting in? Google something like this:

("Voice modification" OR "Voice Changer" OR "Pitch Changer") "C#" "Open Source"

If not, sorry: you should have explained better what do you want...
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JF2015 6-Jan-11 0:49am    
Very good answer to this confusing question. 5!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Jan-11 1:15am    
Thanks you for good words.

But, you know... let's see what mehdiattar and others say. Sometimes such answers act like a red cape on a corrida bull. Probably some sort of readers expect final recipe and no thinking.
mehdiattar 22-Apr-11 4:35am    
hi, i want frequency shift input sound from microphone and feed back to speaker.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Apr-11 19:34pm    
Read my answer again...

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