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Dear All,
I am using bellow code to postback from JavaScript but it seems I am not getting the argument i pass.
public string postBackStr; //Defined in class

postBackStr = Page.ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(this, "myArgument"); //Defined in Page Load

textBox = cmbCo.FindControl("TextBox") as TextBox;
if (textBox != null)
{textBox.Attributes.Add("onblur", "return getMinistryCode(this);"); // This is In Render

In javascript i have the function

function getMinistryCode(txt) {
var cmbSDURN = document.getElementById(document.getElementById('<%= this.cmbSDURN.ClientID %>').id + "_HiddenField");
if (cmbSDURN.value == 0) {
   alert('Please Select SDURN');
   <%= postBackStr %>

The postback occurs but i am getting cmbCo ClientID, let me mention that cmbCo is Ajax 3.5 ComboBox and I am assigning onblur.

And the code for argument value is
if (Page.IsPostBack)
            string arg = Request["__EVENTTARGET"].ToString();

As i stated the arg return the clientID of cmbCo, how can i get the argument which i am passing through Client Script?

I found the solution by bellow.
if (Page.IsPostBack)
            string arg = Request["__EVENTTARGET"].ToString();
            if (arg.Equals(cmbSDURN.ClientID.Replace('_', '$')))
Updated 7-Jan-11 18:22pm

1 solution

You should able to get the Argument values using

string arg = Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"].ToString();

Also take a look at this following article
Way to know which control have raised PostBack.[^]

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Hiren solanki 7-Jan-11 22:59pm    
Thank you venkatesh. Take a 5.
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-Jan-11 23:05pm    
Thank you @thatraja and @Hiren
Abdul Rahman Hamidy 8-Jan-11 0:21am    
thanks I solved it.

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