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I am stuck in some date formating.

I am having some string which I have to convert into date object with format (yyyy-MM-dd), irrespective of my machine date culture(because I want to pass that date to some webservice which accept date only in(yyyy-MM-dd) format)
Updated 10-Jan-11 5:32am
Dalek Dave 10-Jan-11 10:32am    
Minor Edit for Grammar.

Take a look at this:
Custom Date and Time Format Strings[^]

Espen Harlinn
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Dalek Dave 10-Jan-11 10:32am    
Good Link.
Espen Harlinn 10-Jan-11 10:37am    
Thanks Dalek!
If you have a string, then you basically need to reformat that string to fit your required format. The DateTime object itself does not have a format associated with it. It's not internally stored as a string. Perhaps you mean that you have a DateTime object and you want to extract a specific string format from that. If so, that's possible. Just use an appropriate ToString overload.
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Check out below article

String Format for DateTime [C#]

Accept the answer if find useful :)
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Espen Harlinn 10-Jan-11 10:14am    
5+ good link too
Sandesh M Patil 10-Jan-11 10:15am    
I didnot get my 5 buddy
Dalek Dave 10-Jan-11 10:33am    
I gave you a 5.
I think Mr Harlinn forgot! :)
Sandesh M Patil 10-Jan-11 10:35am    
Thanks DD :)
Espen Harlinn 10-Jan-11 10:38am    
Now you've get'em :)
Most software can output date time as the UTC format which is what you want. Ask the people providing you the date to format it correctly.
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