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how to replace the value of a column with the value of button clicked in grid view??

The OP Added:

we are doing project management system .In that our admin has to accept and reject the projects submitted to him. We are using grid view to list the project details column-wise . One column is to specify accepted or rejected. We have given checkboxes in another column for each row. So the checkboxes which are ticked will be the accepted projects.
We have another column called status.its default value is pending This column value of checked rows should be changed to accepted. How to do this??

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Updated 2-Feb-11 2:51am
m@dhu 2-Feb-11 6:58am    
Manas Bhardwaj 2-Feb-11 7:00am    
Umair Feroze 2-Feb-11 7:01am    
Did not get your point? Please elaborate
OriginalGriff 2-Feb-11 7:19am    
I have moved your replies into the body of your question, and deleted the replies.
LittleYellowBird 2-Feb-11 7:04am    
Hi, when you were asked to elaborate in the comment for your previous question, I think you were meant to provide more detailed information about what you are trying to do. I think that yoiur question is not clear enough. For example what do you mean by 'value of a column' or 'value of a button' (I don't do ASP so I'm not sure) but I think that you should add more information to your first question using 'Edit'. :)

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If you requirement is about updating the column based on the checkbox then this[^] might help you. Explain bit more if I am wrong.
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