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I have a table with 399 records that have a full path in the the Filename column. I can trim the filename to the last '\' using the following;
select replace(Part.Filename, rtrim(Part.Filename, replace(Part.Filename, '\', '')), '') from Part

What I want to do is replace the filename with the trim value for each record.
i.e., If I have:

replace with:

Any help appreciated!

What I have tried:

I tried:
update Part set Filename = (select replace(Part.Filename, rtrim(Part.Filename, replace(Part.Filename, '\', '')), '') from Part)

but it replaced all records with a single value.
Updated 8-Sep-23 5:31am
PIEBALDconsult 7-Sep-23 14:01pm    
Maybe use INSTR() to find the backslashes, but I think you would then have to loop until there are none.

I believe you want to do a multiple-row update.
Multiple-row updates are difficult -- the syntax is odd.
However, in recent times a new thing has arisen : CTE (Common Table Expression).

Here's the official sqlite doc on that including an example that you should be able to manipulate for your purposes: UPDATE[^]
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Maciej Los 7-Sep-23 14:36pm    

Believe it or not I did this and it worked;

update Part set Filename = (select replace(Part.Filename, rtrim(Part.Filename, replace(Part.Filename, '\', '')), ''))

by removing the from Part from the query it updates nicely!

Thanks everyone for your input!
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PIEBALDconsult 7-Sep-23 16:45pm    
Please don't try to answer your own question, just use the Improve question button at add detail.

But seriously, may I bother you with something which is causing me some trouble?
Richard Deeming 8-Sep-23 3:49am    
There's nothing wrong with answering your own question, so long as:

a) it's actually an answer;
b) it's not a copy of someone else's answer; and
c) you didn't already know the answer when you posted the question, and only posted both to gain the rep points.

This answer is fine on all three counts. :)
Mike Hankey 7-Sep-23 16:47pm    
Maciej Los 11-Sep-23 15:23pm    

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