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Is it possible to return data from a web service without a SOAP envelope?
Updated 6-Feb-11 23:05pm

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While the architectural specification clearly states that you can ([^]) it's another question alltogether if you want to amble down that rocky road.
Here's a link where they're talking about SOA without SOAP:[^]
The article above is java centric but the principles still a apply to any language capable of serving and/or consuming web services.

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RESTful webservices in .NET 3.5 with WCF: RESTful Webservices in .NET 3.5[^]

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aks1984 7-Feb-11 5:15am    
i have some web services. I need them to be consumed to j2me based mobile devices. But devlepors of j2me are saying, it is quite cumbersome with soap headers. as per their suggestion, i need to remove soap envelope. is it possible is webservices or WCF? If yes, please provide some example of reference article.

Thank You
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 7-Feb-11 5:35am    
You can build a webservice on REST. There is a guide on MSDN on how to build RESTful webservices using WCF of .NET 3.5. It can also be done on .NET 2.0 but you'll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. See the link I placed in my modified answer.
Espen Harlinn 7-Feb-11 15:25pm    
Good answer :)
aks1984 9-Feb-11 8:32am    
Thank you very much Guys

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