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I wrote an OCX to communicate with an USB device in VB6. I then wrote a Visual Studio 2005 .net application that used the OCX. Then I made a small change to the OCX, with binary compatibility on. The new OCX works fine with VB6 programs compiled with the older OCX, but not with .net programs compiled with the older OCX. I suspect the problem is with the wrapper DLLs that .net creates for using activex components. I have upgraded OCXs before and never run into this problem, although a customer recently reported a problem like this, but we were not able to recreate his problem until now. I believe that rebuilding the .net program with the new OCX would resolve the problem, but it is not piratical to rebuild all of our .net programs every time we upgrade an OCX.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and did you find a solution?

Mike Fryer

It is very practical to rebuild everything you have a source code for! Is your build is done correctly, you always have a possibility to choose between full and incremental build. One of the biggest misconception in development is "don't re-build what works". This is simply unsafe and, at the same time, don't save you any development time. I know people who simply lost part of their source code or the ability to support it due to this simple mistake.

If you disagree, to me it would look like you have no sound versioning/deployment/testing strategy yet. As you gain experience, you will get to the same conclusion sooner or later, but better learn on mistakes of someone else, not on your own.

You need to have one-click build project, versioning strategy (as simple as you can afford, my best advice: identical version of all components (if possible, of course)), revision control and regression testing.

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mikeef 15-Feb-11 21:37pm    
We use these OCXs in a lot of programs as do our customers. I am not going to rebuild and re-release 50 different applications just to make a change to an OCX, nor would we require our customers to rebuild their applications. The OCXs should be compatible, and always have been in the past. And If rebuilding all the applications was feasible, I wouldn't be asking for help, I would just do it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Feb-11 22:07pm    
That is up to you, but not a valid reason to vote like this.
Nothing usually prevent you from updating of the whole product.
There is a schema to make a product patchable and send installable patches. You need to learn the techniques if you want to argue.

Will you please tell why you find rebuild non-feasible?

mikeef 16-Feb-11 10:38am    
I stated that I knew that rebuilding would solve it, so telling me to rebuild isn't answering my question. 11 OCXs and hundreds of applications plus all the application written by our customers, your suggestion turns a few hours of work into weeks of work. If you have any help regarding my actual problem, I would love to hear it, but I no desire to debate the feasibility of rebuilding.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Feb-11 14:13pm    
You're pretty rude buddy; and weeks of your work does not justify it. People work a lot more.
You do not criticize my answer based on any rational argument; you simple say "I know better because I worked a long time on it". This is not convincing; who knows about you real experience?
I still think you should listed to my advice. I seriously doubt you're doing right thing.
But this is up to you, of course, nothing to discuss here.

In my opinion all that needs to be rebuild is the OCX wrapper dll in a small project. Then build a small installer that will register the changed OCX and patch your applications.
Is that a viable option?

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I replaced the original OCX, from 2002, in the compat folder with the previous version, 2008, that did not have any problems and then rebuilt the OCX. It worked with all of the .net application I have tested it with. I don't really understand why, I was just trying anything I could think of. If anyone can explain why this worked, I would like to understand it.

Thanks to those who tried to help.
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