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Hi All,

I have Ingenico device and I got .OCX files in sdk for development.

My requirement is I want to create wrapper dll in vc++ for that OCX,and that dll should not depend on .net framework(No CLR). Is that possible to wrap ocx in dll without any WindowsForm just use OCX functions? if yes then can I get some example, because I am new in VC++. If no than, Is there any other way to create wrapper DLL for this device or anybody have idea of ingenico SDK for creating own DLL in VC++ without .NET framework dependency?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Dec-13 1:25am    
OCX is a part of COM technology (developed to overcome the problem of absence of the common object-oriented platform, which was later resolved by adding a .NET platform on top of Windows), so it is totally unrelated to .NET. .NET can use or allow to develop COM components, but COM does not need .NET. So, the problem simply does not exist...

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Please see my comment to the question. Such dependency just does not exist.

It's not clear what example would you want; you did not even provide any reference to the product you are going to use; and I have no idea on how you want to use it, exactly, what are the goals of you project. Anyway, it hardly can fit a format of a Quick Answer. Perhaps all you need to know is how to use OCX controls in C++ code. You can start here:[^],[^],[^].

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mayank rajpura 20-Dec-13 2:06am    
Thanks for quick reply,
Device I am using is Ingenico i6550. I want to wrap functionality of this device in one DLL.
Now If I use OCX which is provided in SDK then there could be some window right? If Yes then That I don't want to create any window in my DLL, I just want to expose APIs. and If No then How to Use this OCX in DLL without window? And If you have any example or DLLs or links which is integrating ingenico device then please can you share this? which can be directly use in C++.I am new to Visaul C++ so I am little bit of confuse in how to overcome of this issue.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Dec-13 2:25am    
Not enough information. You really need to learn how OCX/ActiveX controls work, how COM works, and then learn how your payment terminals communicate with Windows using those controls. There is no other way. This is highly specialized field, but I'm sure there is no special in it. After all, OCX is used on a regular Windows host, POS or something. After you learn all of the above, you need to learn the documentation on the particular Ingenico hardware. You have just to learn the API and see how it is used.
mayank rajpura 23-Dec-13 0:27am    
Sorry for the late reply
Now I am thinking of something else. Because I am new in VC++ and OCX and all, can anybody provide me examples or links for How to use ocx(OPOS is preferable) in plain console application or DLL. with no dialogs in application. I am very new in VC++ so sorry if the question very low level, and if possible then provide me step by step explanation. I found following links but it is now working I got compilation error.


Mayank Rajpura

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Dec-13 0:44am    
I understand it, but no one can teach you better than yourself through study and work...
Member 10926606 3-Mar-17 6:57am    
I have OCX created in VC++ that has many functions. OCX has got some GUI.
I want to use those functions in C# web application without loading OCX. i.e. I want to extract only functions from OCX. Can anyone please suggest how this can be done?

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