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I would like to return to the flat (unopened) folder icons...and I would like to be able to rearrange jpg/tif files in a folder by simply dragging/dropping...which Windows 7 doesn't allow. Will I be able to do these things if I download "Classic Shell"?
If I am unhappy with the changes can I uninstall "Classic Shell" and return to windows 7?
Nish Nishant 23-Feb-11 23:28pm    
I've updated my answer.

Based on the program's FAQ, yes you can uninstall it.


If you want to read about the implementation, read this:
Classic Shell[^]

These are the features the product has:[^]

Whatever's mentioned there will work. If something's not mentioned there, then it won't work!
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Espen Harlinn 24-Feb-11 4:05am    
Good reply :)
The "implimentation" does not answer my question. Can you? I will repeat it:I would like to return to the flat (unopened) folder icons...and I would like to be able to rearrange jpg/tif files in a folder by simply dragging/dropping. Windows 7 doesn't seem to allow this...and they are important enough to go back to XP for them if that is my only recourse. Please give me a specific answer to my questions. Thank you.
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"What is mentioned there" is ambiguous. "drag and drop to allow you to organize your applications" is not a clear answer to whether I can rearrange the contents of a folder of jpg files by simply dragging and dropping, as was possible in XP. Are you not able to answer that question clearly?
The option of FLAT folders is also too specific for "What is mentioned there" to answer. Are you not able to answer that question clearly?
I must ask a human being because the "product features" are too generalized. Can you help me with this?
Thank you,
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Actually it might be possible to customise the Windows Explorer to suit your needs better.

It's possible to change the folder icon to any icon you like, have a look here[^] for a short guide.

About the rearranging I must admit I'm not sure since I'm a Windows XP user and not Windows 7. Assuming it's similar in both versions though, if you right click in a Windows Explorer window there would be a menu item named something like 'Arrange Icons By'. If you have some kind of auto-sort/auto-arrange enabled there, you could try disabling it to see if things improve for you.
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Thank you Thaddeus...but a simple flat folder (as in XP) is not an available option in Windows 7. there are 30 or 40 others available...but not the simple and elegant one you have in XP.
Which is why (along with another concern) I am considering downgrading back to an XP clone (as it's billed). But nobody, including their tech assistants) will tell me if the clone of XP(ClassicShellSetup_2_9_3.exe) will restore these virtues.
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[no name] 24-Feb-11 11:16am    
You're not limited to the icons that come with Win7 itself, you can use any icon you like.
For example, have a look here for a set of Windows XP icons:

Since you mention you have further dislikes about the Windows Explorer though, I'll respect that and stop posting offtopic here unless you specifically ask me :)

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