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I wonder if there is a way in .net to temporarily change icon of a folder/file to something different than regular file/folder icon. I am creating an application that reqires to monitor activities inside folder/file, this can be achieved by FileSystemWatcher but my requirement is to change the icon of the files/folder with a Tick Mark when it is monitored. I wonder if there is a way to temporarily change the icon to green tick mark in addition to the default windows icon , I do not need to change the file display icons in windows registry for all such file types.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Jun-11 11:23am    
What is that? Tag it! ASP.NET, WPF, Forms, what?! Do not force experts to give answers for all possible cases. You hardly will get any reasonable answer unless you tag it properly. Use "Improve question" now.

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You'll have to write a "Shell Extension", specifically an "Overlay Icon". How is described here[^]. If you want to do it from C#, you'll also need the P/Invoke[^] signature.
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San4Ramyam 10-Jun-11 3:48am    
Thanks a lot for the perfect answer. I also found some leads in code project after you directed me to IShellIconOverlayIdentifier.
Eddy Vluggen 10-Jun-11 4:56am    
Thanks, and you're welcome. Would love to see an article on your implementation, if you can spare the time :)

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