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I have a little collection of movies placed in folders. I placed movie poster in each folder, and recently, I placed an icon (converted from that poster thru a software) in each folder, and i want that each folder will look from the icon placed in each of them.

Is there a .bat file, or any means of doing it faster, instead of going thru folder attributes individually?

please help. icon file is named "icon.ico" Each folder contains: movie.mp4; movie.nfo; poster.jpeg; Trailer.mp4; icon.ico.

thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

@echo off
set O=desktop.old
set F=desktop.ini
FOR /R %%I IN (*.ico) DO @(
if exist %%~dpnI.png (
echo %%~dpnI.png
attrib -h -s %F% 
copy /Y %F% %O%
echo [.ShellClassInfo] > %F%
echo IconResource=%%~nxI,0 >> %F%
echo [ViewState] >> %F%
echo Mode= >> %F%
echo Vid= >> %F%
echo FolderType=Videos >> %F%
echo Logo=%%~nI.png >> %F%
attrib +h +s %F% 
cd ..

by squilibob, but is not working for me
Updated 16-Nov-18 8:44am
CHill60 16-Nov-18 8:00am    

1 solution

@CHill60 thanks for the reply. I tried

If [%1] == [] goto :eof
ECHO [.ShellClassInfo] >%1\
ECHO IconResource=C:\icon.ico,0 >>%1\
move %1\ %1\desktop.ini
attrib +S +H %1\desktop.ini
attrib +R %1

but may question is this if I may, in the code the location of icon is at C:/icon.ico.
What will I input instead as the location of icon file, since the icons are located inside individual folders, and it's named as "icon.ico"..
Thank you so much..

PS. I also tried
If [%1] == [] goto :eof
ECHO [.ShellClassInfo] >%1\
ECHO IconResource=%1\icon.ico,0 >>%1\
move %1\ %1\desktop.ini
attrib +S +H %1\desktop.ini
attrib +R %1

but still not working.

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Richard Deeming 20-Nov-18 9:36am    
If it's "not working", then why have you posted this as a "solution"? And why have you accepted this "solution" as the answer to your question?

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