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Could someone please show me how to pass an active, open file handle to a function? I need to use a function to fprintf a coverpage in a .txt file.

Is this right?
void printHeading(FILE *outHandle);
void printCoverPage(FILE *outHandle);

int main()
      FILE *inFile;
      FILE *outFile;
void printHeading(FILE *outHandle)
      outHandle = fopen(fileName, "w");
void printCoverPage(FILE *outHandle)
      outHandle = fopen(fileName, "w");
Updated 2-Mar-11 20:19pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Mar-11 17:58pm    
Why it is a problem? Did you try to do it?
I saw, 3 or more similar questions almost at the same time. What, are you all from the same school getting identical assignments or examination questions?
brainflex 2-Mar-11 18:16pm    
Yes, my class has 33 students and we all have the same assignment. I read your response but it does not SHOW how to do it.
Albert Holguin 2-Mar-11 18:44pm    
we're not here to do your homework
CPallini 3-Mar-11 3:31am    
Nope it is wrong in many ways. For instance the file pointers are passed as [in] parameters, but you're using them, inside the functions as if they was [out] ones.

1 solution

Rule one: Research.

A very quick search of just this site shows several of the answers give to your classmates. Look at them. They give the answer.

This one spells it out: And the answerer is as new to this site as you are...

Passing a File Handle as a parameter to a function?[^]
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