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hi all
i have a device called nonin 9560 (pulse oximeter) which communicate bluetooth
i am working on windows 7 visual 2008 c++
ı have a code tries to read data from the device(the data is the oxygen saturation for ex 98)
bur the problem is i can not read the data!
ReadFile does not work!
please help me...........
here is the code:

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	char INBUFFER[5000] = {'\0'};
    DWORD        bytes_read    = 0;    // Number of bytes read from port
    HANDLE       comport      = NULL;  // Handle COM port
	int   bStatus;
    DCB          comSettings;          // Contains various port settings
    COMMTIMEOUTS CommTimeouts;

    // Open COM port
    if ((comport = CreateFile("COM3:",                // open com5:
                    GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, // for reading and writing
                    0,                            // exclusive access
                    NULL,                         // no security attributes
                    0)) == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
        printf("cannot open\n");
	/*Set timeouts in milliseconds*/

		GetCommTimeouts (comport, &CommTimeouts);

		// Change the COMMTIMEOUTS structure settings.
		CommTimeouts.ReadIntervalTimeout = MAXDWORD;  
		CommTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 0;  
		CommTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant = 0;    
		CommTimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 10;  
		CommTimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutConstant = 1000;    

		// Set the timeout parameters for all read and write operations
		// on the port. 
		if (!SetCommTimeouts (comport, &CommTimeouts))
		  printf("SetCommTimeouts Error\n");

     //Set Port parameters.
     //Make a call to GetCommState() first in order to fill
     //the comSettings structure with all the necessary values.
     //Then change the ones you want and call SetCommState().

	if (GetCommState(comport, &comSettings)==0){

		printf("GetCommState Error\n");
		comSettings.BaudRate = 9600;
		comSettings.StopBits = ONESTOPBIT;
		comSettings.ByteSize = 8;
		comSettings.Parity   = NOPARITY;
		comSettings.fParity  = FALSE;

		bStatus = SetCommState(comport, &comSettings);
		try {
				if (bStatus == 0)
					printf("SetCommState Error...\n");
				BYTE Byte;
				DWORD dwBytesTransferred;

				// Read the data from the serial port.
				ReadFile (comport, &Byte, 1, &dwBytesTransferred, 0);

				// Display the data read.
				if (dwBytesTransferred == 1){
						ProcessChar (Byte);

		catch( exception e)
 return 0;

i have an additional problem now!
i cannot open com3 anymore. smt happened.
any other program like oem evaluation prog, putty, hercules can not open also anymore.
they were openning fine ysterday!!
Updated 12-Sep-16 3:03am
Piccadilly Yum Yum 23-Mar-11 5:29am    
Maybe hardware problem... Be sure that RTS-CTS pin are crossed..
Wendelius 23-Mar-11 5:30am    
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CPallini 23-Mar-11 6:07am    
Why don't you check the ReadFile return value?
SnowHow 23-Mar-11 8:54am    
Have you verified using a terminal program that the device is transmitting data?

Also ... you seem to have an extra semi colon ("COM3:") .... Try ("COM3") Also to be safe I suggest using the form "\\\\.\\COM3"

First, you should use Hercules[^] utility to check that the communication is OK.

If you can't comminucate with Hercules, then you probably have a problem with your device. Otherwise the problem comes from your code:
- Check that all the parameters are correct in your DCB struct.
- Check the return value from ReadFile and if it returns FALSE, call GetLastError to have extra information.

One last thing. How you open your port is strange to me. The safest way to open a COM port is:
//let's open COM3
int comNumber = 3;
//you should add "\\.\" before "COM3"
char comName[10];
sprintf(comName, "\\\\.\\COM%d", comNumber);
comport = CreateFile(comName, ...);

If you don't use "\\.\" you may have problems for COM ports greater than COM9.


By the way, you should wait a little bit after the port is opened, just to give time for the data to arrive.
For example do a Sleep(2000) (wait 2 seconds) before calling ReadFile.
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mstftrn 23-Mar-11 9:33am    
i did what you said but when i execute: no error...
i see just press any key to continue!
Olivier Levrey 23-Mar-11 9:42am    
This message just means your program finished.

You have no error? So ReadFile returns TRUE and dwBytesTransferred equals 1? So you probably have a problem in the ProcessChar function, haven't you?
Olivier Levrey 23-Mar-11 9:44am    
I updated my answer with Sleep
mstftrn 23-Mar-11 9:50am    
in fact when i use just COM3: (i learn from msdn library) i see press any key...
but when i use "comNumber" port can not open.
here is the processchar

unsigned char buffer[255] = {0};
int nextin = 0; // next spot to add a new charcter
void ProcessChar(unsigned char c)

if( nextin < sizeof(buffer)) // make sure there's room for the char

buffer[nextin++] = c;

mstftrn 23-Mar-11 9:56am    
i change like this

if (ReadFile (comport, &Byte, 1, &dwBytesTransferred, 0)){

if(dwBytesTransferred == 1){
ProcessChar (Byte);
printf("smt is strange");

return true;
}else {printf("cannot read...");}

i dont see any printf output!!
i can not see my last comment so writing again, sorry

- when i use \\.\ cannot open
- when i use \\\\.\\ (as oliver said yesterday) and use my nonin devíce, opens and prints
0 2 0 13 0 14 32
char buf[7];
DWORD read = 0;
//Read the data from the serial port.
if (ReadFile(comport,buf,sizeof(buf),&read,NULL)){
for (i=0; i<read; i++){
printf("%i ", (unsigned char)buf[i]);

(i added above code)

- when i use when i use \\\\.\\ and do not use nonin device cannot open...
- when i use \\\\.\\ , use my nonin devíce and just printf("%c", Byte) insdead of the code above opens and prints just 0.
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Olivier Levrey 24-Mar-11 8:56am    
Since this is a question, you should use "Improve question" instead of posting an answer...

I don't understand your problem:
1- You can open your port successfully with "\\\\.\\COM3" --> great
2- You can read data --> great
3- You can print the data --> great

What do you want more?
mstftrn 24-Mar-11 9:40am    
sorry for missing information but
the output (buf) 0 2 0 13 0 14 32 is wrong
the output of printf("%c", Byte) which is 0 or null is also wrong
on my nonin device's screen we have O2 saturation and pulse rate for ex 98 and 70
i should get these.
so my output is wrong...

thanks for your time
Olivier Levrey 24-Mar-11 9:53am    
Do you know the format of the data sent? Maybe your device is sending int values or short or maybe it is sending a more complex paquet. Check its documentation and you will know how to read the data. I think you just need to interpret the data properly.
mstftrn 24-Mar-11 9:56am    
ok thank you
i will try
I try to read data from the same device. When you are connected you should read a 22 bits buffer.
buffer[17] = HeartRate
buffer[19] = Oxygen saturation

Concerning myself, when I try to connect my device, it's not always working. I have to wait the little animation on the device and then, the 9560 send only one time the information. Do you have the same problem??
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mstftrn 30-Mar-11 3:55am    
In fact my problem was about wrong data format. The device's defoult data format was data format 13.
I needed to change this by sending 6 byte information. We should use data format 8 or 2.
Read the device's documentation
mstftrn 30-Mar-11 6:01am    
you may look at this
Take a look here for hardwire :[^]
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Peter_in_2780 24-Mar-11 3:15am    
The OP said he's using Bluetooth (serial port emulation) so a cable is not going to help!
Piccadilly Yum Yum 24-Mar-11 4:27am    
yes... i think its better disabling handshake
Did you verify that Windows still assigns the same port name to your device? If all programs have a problem reading from COM3, it might be that Windows has now for example assigned the name COM4 to your device.

You can check this by going to the Device Manager (if you're using Windows XP; Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager) and having a look at the list under Ports (COM & LPT).
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mstftrn 25-Mar-11 5:10am    
hithanks for your advice
under Ports (COM & LPT) there are
but i tried oem eval prog for COM4, it cannot connect
hercules just open port4
putty can not

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