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Non printable character in C# serial port communication.
When i will send printable character it will received full data
but when i will send nonprinatble character it will give wrong output;
int x=120;
char tdata=system.convert.tochar(x);
SerialPort sp = new SerialPort("Com1", 19200, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);
            if (!sp.IsOpen)

It will give right output data
but when x=129; //this is non printable characters 

it will give wrong output

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Updated 22-Aug-11 21:24pm
walterhevedeich 23-Aug-11 0:57am    
Are you sure this is the exact code? I can see that you have created tdata but have used TData instead.
walterhevedeich 23-Aug-11 1:25am    
Do NOT post comments/question as solution. If you have updates to the code, use the Improve question widget instead.

1 solution

Don't convert it to char - keep it as byte.
Byte is specifically an eight-bit unsigned data format, which is exactly what you want to send. Char is a longer data type with various encodings allowed, not a 8 bit signed type as in C.
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BobJanova 23-Aug-11 4:53am    
Good spot.

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