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Hi i have a C++ DLL.
What i am doing is that i am passing memory address to my C++ dll where it write message on that address and i want to read the message from that memory address.
Here is my C++ function.
int _stdcall Test(int res, wchar_t *text)

Now in my C#.Net test app .. if i use unsafe char* .. i am getting proper output.
static extern unsafe int Test(char* msg); 
char* SerrMsg = stackalloc char[255];
string emsg = new string(sMsg);

Now implementing in i am getting jst 1st character by using stringbuilder.
Private Shared Function Test(ByVal msg As StringBuilder) As Integer
Dim sMsg As New StringBuilder(400)
eMsg= sMsg.ToString()

What is the replacement for char* in VB.Net ?
Help would be appreciated.

It's a CharSet issue here, StringBuilder is the right choice of managed type.

When you use DllImport in VB, remember to set the CharSet to Unicode!
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Member 4581741 8-Apr-11 11:20am    
It worked.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Apr-11 22:36pm    
It should had worked indeed, my 5.
Nish Nishant 10-Apr-11 0:02am    
Thanks SA!
Dim sMsg As IntPtr = IntPtr.Zero or
Dim sMsgAs New StringBuilder("1234567890", 400) or
Dim rsp(400) As Byte

The data return need to see whether need to convert to ASCII or just sMsg.ToString.
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