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First, I created a storage file using StgCreateDocfile() then added some files in it. Then i tried to open this storage file using

hr = StgOpenStorageEx(L"E:\\Storage.stg",STGM_READ|STGM_SHARE_DENY_WRITE,STGFMT_DOCFILE,0, NULL, 0,IID_IStorage,(void**)&pStorage);

which worked fine when i did it win32 console application.

But when i tried it add the same code in Windows form application project, adding a c++ class to project and then my code to that class, it generate a runtime error
1>Recovery.obj : error LNK2020: unresolved token (0A000017) IID_IStorage
1>Recovery.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol IID_IStorage

whats the problem with IID_IStorage in newly created class.

Do i need to do something with Linker properties in project setting?
Updated 23-Apr-11 4:09am

It seems you are missing a lib file. Try adding Uuid.lib to your linker libraries.
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MartinTaylor 23-Apr-11 10:28am    
As you mentioned , i have added Uuid.lib in Properties->linker->Input->additional dependencies..
But i didnt worked....
I think you may need to include Objidl.h in your source code as described here[^] in MSDN.
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MartinTaylor 24-Apr-11 3:44am    
Objidl.h is already added... i wont be getting this error if i would have missed to include Objidl.h...
My problem is :- my code worked fine in windows console application project, but in windows form application as project type, i created a c++ class and added same code in it..but seems to have some problem for IID_IStorage parameter in "StgOpenStorageEx()" function which is leading to LNK 2020 and 2001 error..

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