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Hi Dear,

i am entring data into datagrid from textbox i want to avoid duplicate entry into datagrid. any prompt help will be appreciated.

I am working in windows application.

Best Regards,

If possible, try to put some logic in your query or collection / datasource that holds this data - it might be easier.
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[no name] 25-Apr-11 3:43am    
I 100% agreed, actually I do not prefer to implement any data manipulation logic from the GUI end.
Tarun.K.S 25-Apr-11 3:48am    
How about using HashSet?
Abhinav S 25-Apr-11 3:53am    
Could be done - but some care needs to be taken to ensure that keys dont duplicate right? At least the error handling should be proper.
Tarun.K.S 25-Apr-11 4:04am    
Yep true. But I was thinking that, if there are hundreds or lets say thousands of items, then looping through all and checking for duplicates can be expensive. But I guess that might be the only way to check.
Bind the datagrid with a data table and make the column as unique / primary key. This will create a constraint in the table which will prevent it from adding duplicate values

see sample code for unique key from msdn

DataTable custTable = custDS.Tables["Customers"];
UniqueConstraint custUnique = new UniqueConstraint(new DataColumn[]
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