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hi friends im facing one problem
i have used cin to input a choice like (cin>>ch)
then i have used to take input to string as getline(cin, string_s)
but getline does not works when i use cin

if i donot use cin it works well
why it is happening???
and is there any alternative to take integer then string input
Richard MacCutchan 25-Apr-11 5:20am    
Please post the exact code that does not work and explain what happens.

getline() reads input until the newline character and cin>> fails to remove the newline character after reading input. By calling getline() after cin>>, you're essentially just grabbing the newline character (and any white space) that cin>> left behind.[^]

You can use getline() to get the number as well (just have to take an extra step to interpret as number).
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Niklas L 26-Apr-11 4:11am    
Very likely cause. 5.
This is what I have and it works perfectly -
using namespace std;
string str;
getline(cin, str);
cout << str << endl;
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Albert Holguin 25-Apr-11 10:37am    
Don't think you understood the OPs problem, see my solution.
«_Superman_» 25-Apr-11 22:09pm    
I think you're correct.

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