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Hello Code Project,

I'm currently working on a user-control containing a list of MyClass objects.
This list should be editable from the designer.
How do I add support for it?

A bit of background info on the class.
MyClass has only two propeties name Text and Image, I would like to make these accessible.

In short, I'm looking for a solution/article to add design time support for new classes.
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 10:50am    
@nbgangsta why dont you provide some code to let others see what have you written and what could possibly be wrong.

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BobJanova 3-May-11 8:54am    
The second link here seems to contain all the OP needs.
Groulien 3-May-11 9:33am    
I'll look into it although the third(Which you call 2nd link) seems rather empty, it's not explained or fully implemented.
Still, thanks.
This may help:[^]

A lot hinges on the Browsable attribute - you need that on any property you're going to show in the properties window.
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Groulien 3-May-11 9:31am    
I know of the Browsable attribute, it's the Design Time support for adding items of my new class that is bugging me.
I believe if you would have tried the suggestion @Nagy Vilmos has provided you would have got the solution on first result page.

Anyway here is the link which i believe exactly what you are looking for:
Image Gallery 1.0[^]

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Groulien 3-May-11 14:57pm    
It's looking good, I'll be sure to look into it, thanks.
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 23:54pm    
There's a site called :bob: that could help. Try searching the articles for "c# list control with images" to start with.
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Groulien 3-May-11 9:37am    
Besides the obvious joke, the link is actually broke.
I'd appreciate it if you would post a link to the article you're refering to.
Nagy Vilmos 3-May-11 9:41am    
0 URI = ""
1 Search term = "c# list control with images"
2 You may need to click seach as well; life's hard

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