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there are two computers communicating to each other by means of Parallel
port, that is data is transferred from one computer to other by the parallel
ports. the data line that joins the both computer is four bit, that is it can
transmit four bits at a time. And the communication protocol is
duplex(system composed of two connected parties or devices that can
communicate with one another in both directions). But in only one direction
at a time. And to each of the data line, LED is connected which glows when data bit one
or high ("1") is transmitted through the line. and it doesn't glow when data
bit is zero or low("0")when no data is transmitted through the computer, a test led is connected which glows showing NO COMMUNICATION. And turn off when communication starts

I need to write a program for it as my college assignment n i m just a beginner to c++ so need some help on it and also can i work on ms visual for it on i need turbo or smth like that
Updated 6-May-11 23:56pm
Richard MacCutchan 7-May-11 5:31am    
MS Visual C++ will be fine for the development of such a project; there is a free version at
Azwar Habib 17-May-11 15:17pm    
i wrote the program its working fine but im having difficulties in building circuit
do i have to connect data pins of both parallel ports or parallel to status?as i have to connect leds in between to show data communication.

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The place to start if Google: "parallel port communication c++" gives many good starting points.[^]

In future, try starting with research: it is a skill you will need in almost any career (other than those using the Magic Words: "Do you want fries with that?")
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