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I've got an application that receives very heavy network traffic. To work properly, the NIC must have its "RX Descriptors" buffer size increased above the Windows/NIC rather conservative default. I can change it manually for each system through the Device Manager (Network Adapters -> <nic_name> -> Advanced), but that is really prone to human error as we build more and more of these systems.

Is there any way to (minimally) query the current setting from within our C++ application, or (optimally) set it automatically from within our application?

Thanks in advance.

Look into the INetCFG interface[^]

if that doesn't do the trick i think your only other option is to try and change this setting from kernel mode. (through a driver)

Also i do not believe this is a good approach since the changes you are making will affect the entire system
not just your application.
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Great - thank you Kurt! I'll take a look at this link and see if that will do the trick.

I understand and appreciate your concern, but these boxes are actually stripped down OEM "embedded" controllers running on dedicated custom hardware integrated into a larger system. They are headless, and will never "see the light of day" except to run our software. So we should be safe.
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Kurt Degiorgio 10-May-11 3:33am    
In that case ignore the last part of my comment :)

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