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I have a project for baby care system and I need your help. I need a piece of code for detecting the motion of baby and send an alert to parents.

I'll be grateful if you help me. :)
Updated 8-May-11 13:19pm
Keith Barrow 8-May-11 14:58pm    
So basicalyy, all you need is the system written for you. Hence my vote of 1.
Pete O'Hanlon 8-May-11 15:30pm    
Do I get your salary for doing your job for you? If so, I might be tempted to help out.
samo00 16-May-11 15:58pm    
yes ok deal ;D
Legor 9-May-11 4:06am    
It wont be just "a piece of code" you know. You're talking about a much more complex task there. You'd have to inform yourself about "Motion detection" in general at first.
samo00 16-May-11 16:00pm    
of course i have informed my self about it !! i know that the code is not that complex ..

bool GetbBabyHasMoved()
  return false;
Ah! and remember to glue the baby to the bed...

Now seriously:

it all depends on the kind of exercise they've given you... Which is the minimum movement you need to detect?

Using a web cam and comparing images could help...
Putting a sensor to the baby could help...
Using a cell phone with some api to find it's place could help...

Be more specific with your question please...
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   if (BabyMoved())
   } while (1==1)
The rest is specific to your hardware and software environment.
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Legor 9-May-11 4:04am    
Great one. I'll have to try this out! 5ved
I think your high-level analysis is correct, and OriginalGriff has kindly given you the framework for a solution.

Basically, you need to fit together two functional pieces:

1. How to detect movement - this is somewhat dependent on the particular hardware, but you will find many hits with google that will guide you.

2. How to send a message - with this one, you will find many articles on CodeProject; email, SMS, etc. This should be much simpler than (1).

When you have made a start, please post here if you have specific questions.
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ganeshkawade2003 9-May-11 12:08pm    
nice one , my 5 !!!

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