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Hi , doing a project need use a webcam to detect motion . code must be in visual basic.
can any one help me?
Manas Bhardwaj 22-Jul-11 11:44am    
any effort?

Because VB.NET doesn't support pointers, you're going to find it very difficult to do image processing in VB.NET.

All examples you find on this subject are going to be in either C++ or C# becuase they support pointers and can process image data much quicker because of that fact.

This article[^] is the best one I've seen on motion detection around the site. Notice, everything is in C#, for a reason...
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If you ever want to help in .NET, I would advice never say: "code must be in Visual Basic". Most likely, the code will be in C#, sometimes in C++/CLI, especially in such serious areas as image recognition. You cannot expect that a lot of serious stuff is written in VB.NET. Microsoft does not take VB seriously, it's always been well behind C#. You cannot do any serious .NET development if you do not understand at least some of C#.

You don't require VB.NET as there are not language barriers in .NET; you can use C# projects in all your VB.NET projects.

In other cases, you will need to use C++ (or other native unmanaged libraries) and use it in your .NET projects using P/Invoke.

Now, you need to look in the following Open Source libraries:




Good luck,
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Dave Kreskowiak 22-Jul-11 13:09pm    
Actually, MS takes VB.NET very seriously. They've shown that there are more business projects out there written in VB/VB.NET than C/C++ and C# combined.

They won't be dumping a ton of resources into sharing feature sets and merging existing features between the two languages if they didn't take it seriously.

You might want to leave your bias out of the answers and just stick with the facts next time.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jul-11 17:45pm    
Maybe I agree about a bias. However, VB.NET is well behind. There is also a cultural factor, which is just a medical fact: if someone demands "VB.NET only", who is the loser?
Dave Kreskowiak 22-Jul-11 18:23pm    
Really? Besides pointer support, how so?
Spiritman 25-Dec-21 6:59am    
System.Runtime.InteropServices says otherwise. VB.Net is perfectly capable of fast image processing.

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