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I have two database namely "A" and "B".
I need to copy a table(along with rows,Pk,Fk,Indexes,statistics) from database "A" to "B".

Can u help me to solve

Run this query in your server by substituting Destination,Source databases and corresponding table name:

Select * into DestinationDatabase.dbo.Table From SourceDatabse.dbo.Table

For example,

Select * into StudentDB.dbo.AddressTable From EmployeeDB.dbo.AddressTable

You need not create the table using script,this one will create table and insert data into it.
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Sandeep Mewara 21-May-11 14:02pm    
You can use 'Improve solution' at any time and update your answer. Posting multiple answers does not help in maintaing the discussion.
sk saini 22-May-11 0:54am    
Venkyanatraj, again you are right. Take my 5.
You can right click on the required table in "A" database and select the option SCRIPT TABLE AS->CREATE TO->NEW QUERY EDITOR WINDOW , copy the script or query shown in the window and execute it inside the "B" database
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swathi6589 21-May-11 3:12am    
I tried by above method.
Everything is fine but I wont get the table entrys.
Venkyanatraj is right. Only you just have to do one more thing after copy paste. Substitute the name of the database on first line of script before executing it. i.e.,

Substitute Use [A] with User [b]

Its working perfectly in SQL Server 2005.
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