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I want to add many int[,] arrays in an arraylist but I couldn't extract them in int[,] data type.
This code will demonstrate what i want to do:

arraylist Myarraylist =new arraylist();
int [,] array1 = new int[3,2];
int [,] array2 = new int[5,2];
int [,] array3 = new int[6,4];


I want this semi-code to happen:

int[,] Myarray1 = Myarraylist[1]

but when i extracted them a problem came up that they are objects not even object[,]
but just object. How can I cast them to int[,] again?

Thank you for your help.
Updated 23-May-11 2:36am

You need to cast the dereferenced element, for instance, the following code will work:
ArrayList Myarraylist = new ArrayList();
    int [,] array1 = new int[3,2];
    int [,] array2 = new int[5,2];
    int [,] array3 = new int[6,4];


    // HERE the needed cast
    int[,] Myarray1 = (int[,])Myarraylist[1];

    for (int n = 0; n < 2; n++)
        Console.WriteLine("MyArray1[0,{0}]={1}", n, Myarray1[0, n]);

BTW as the following note (from MSDN[^]) says

Applications that target version 2.0 and later of the .NET Framework should use the generic collection classes in the System.Collections.Generic namespace, which provide greater type-safety and efficiency than their non-generic counterparts.

I strongly suggest you using generic containers instead of ArrayList.

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CS2011 23-May-11 7:50am    
have 5+ for this. Good answer
CPallini 23-May-11 8:31am    
Thank you.
Kim Togo 23-May-11 7:59am    
Good answer, 5.
CPallini 23-May-11 8:31am    
Wonde Tadesse 23-May-11 8:06am    
Nice answer. 5 :)
Don't use the ArrayList; it was rendered obsolete when generics were introduced in v.2.0. Use System.Collections.Generic.List. In your case, use System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Collections.Generic.List<int>>.

It will represent jagged array. Use System.Collections.Generic.List.ToArray to get an array of rank 1. The element will be lists, use each one with ToArray to get nested array elements.

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Al-Samman Mahmoud 24-May-11 8:54am    
thank u for ur help and i will use generic it seems to be more accurate and easier.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-May-11 12:47pm    
You're welcome.
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Thank you.

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