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I want to prevent my website to be added in user history list.

how can i do it for internet explorer ie7 or ie8.

I also want to know if there are any settings in ie7 and ie8 that blocks specific website addresses to be added in history list.

we are having one intranet application, which we wants to prevent to be added in user browser history list...

You can try this[^]. Its an answer to a similar question posted before.
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Vijay Radia 31-May-11 1:43am    
When HttpCacheability is set to NoCache or ServerAndNoCache the Expires HTTP header is by default set to -1; this tells the client not to cache responses in the History folder, so that when you use the back/forward buttons the client requests a new version of the response each time.

So this prevents page content to be cache in history but not url.
AFAIK, you can't do it. The best I can suggest is:

Use Privacy browsing - nothing gets stored, ever.
Use IPs rather than domains
Return pages via AJAX rather than browsing.

But a site can't say "Never show this in the history list" to the browser.
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You can't do it.
Controlling history is not something that you can do via code.
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