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Hi I'm working on an SDI View Architecture MFC application and I need to display an external dialog box when the user clicks Help -> Example. So far i have my dialog box ready and I added an event handler on the Example 'button' and added
void CtestSDIApp::OnHelpExample()
    rulesDlg testdlg;

I don't seem to see where the problem is, but it doesn't work. It does compile but yeah still.

Any suggestion on what's the easiest way to display a dialog box in MFC?

thanks a lot!

The first step is to distinguish the case where your handler isn't being called from the case where the dialog box is malfunctioning.

You can put a breakpoint in the handler and see if it's hit, or put an AfxMessageBox () in there.
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Ok it actually worked, I just had to associate it with the right .cpp file which in this case was my doc, so the same code i posted about worked.

Thanks for the help guys!
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Albert Holguin 3-Jul-11 22:43pm    
Don't post updates as solutions... update the question or comment under solutions
That should work just fine given that rulesDlg is a properly defined CDialog. If you post you code for rulesDlg we can probably see if there's anything wrong there.
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