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I have one ArrayList I want to make string ( May be comma seperated) how I can do this?
I dont want to use FOR loop.
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Try something like
<br />
string[] sArray = (string[])pArrayList.ToArray(typeof(string));<br />
string Result = string.Join(sSeparator, sArray, 0, sArray.Length);<br />
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sushil_gupta 14-Jun-11 2:48am    
When I am tring this getting an error in first statement
Timberbird 14-Jun-11 3:02am    
You may get this exception if your ArrayList contains values other than strings. Is that the case? If yes, try changing the code above this way:

object[] pArray = pArrayList.ToArray();
string Result = string.Join(sSeparator, pArray);
Dalek Dave 14-Jun-11 3:18am    
Good Call.

string str = arr.Cast<string>().Aggregate((str1, str2) => str1 + "," + str2);

will give you comma seprated string but make sure that your arraylist contains all the string
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Dalek Dave 14-Jun-11 3:18am    
Try System.String.Concat(myArrayList.ToArray());
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sushil_gupta 14-Jun-11 2:49am    
It worked. But it is combining all the value after the another.
Dalek Dave 14-Jun-11 3:18am    
Good Answer

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