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I have a string "Ram Vyas; Sham Dass; Suresh Khanna;"

I need to split the above string in such a way so that the resulting array containg

arr[0] = "Ram Vyas"
arr[1] = "Sham Dass"
arr[2] = "Suresh Khanna"

currently i am using a string.split which causes

arr[0] = "Ram Vyas"
arr[1] = " Sham Dass"
arr[2] = " Suresh Khanna"
arr[3] = ""

I am getting an extra space, How to avoid that?
Updated 13-Jun-13 23:20pm

1 solution

string[] arr = "Ram Vyas; Sham Dass; Suresh Khanna;".Split(new char[]{';'}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
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maverick12131 14-Jun-13 5:29am    
this solved the last entry arr[3] = "";
this is removed
but how to resolve the leading extra space in following
arr[1] = " Sham Dass"
arr[2] = " Suresh Khanna"

Also I have to remove any duplicate entries in the array
OriginalGriff 14-Jun-13 6:14am    
Both of those require additional processing: one is a simple Trim call, but the other needs either a slightly complex loop, or a quick use of Linq methods: so the easiest solution is to use Linq methods for both:
string[] arr = "Ram Vyas; Sham Dass; Suresh Khanna;Sham Dass;".Split(new char[] { ';' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
arr = arr.Select(s => s.Trim()).Distinct().ToArray();

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