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I am using C#, 2.0,sql server 2005 and visual studio 2005

Can anybody help with the following problem:

i have successfully uploaded image file into the database(where i have used image datatype).

now my problem is: How to retrieve that binary data (image file) from the table and insert it in another table(again store it as binary data).

please help me.
Thanks in Advance.
Updated 15-Jun-11 7:05am

All you need is a proper query to do the same.

Have a look at this article that retrives image and show in UI: C# Photo Album Viewer[^]

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karan joshua 15-Jun-11 11:20am    
i tried but it is giving error.
Sandeep Mewara 15-Jun-11 11:43am    
What did you try and what was the error? We cannot assume or guess. :)
karan joshua 15-Jun-11 12:35pm    
i added following code:
<pre>public Stream SaveToMyDB()
SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["conStr"].ConnectionString);


string strCmd = String.Format("SELECT ImageFile FROM MyImageTable WHERE ImgID ='"+ImgIDTextBox.Text+"'");
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(strCmd, connection);

byte[] b = (byte[])cmd.ExecuteScalar();
if(b.Length > 0)
// Open a stream for the image and write the bytes into it

System.IO.MemoryStream stream = new System.IO.MemoryStream(b, true);
stream.Write(b, 0, b.Length);

// Create a bitmap from the stream

Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(stream);

// Check for scaling and assign the bitmap to the Picturebox
return stream;



but it is giving error like:: not all code paths return a value .
karan joshua 15-Jun-11 13:55pm    
thank u very much.. it was 3 line code...But since i have used function and returned it it was giving problem,that was the problem. now i removed function. it is working fine now.thanks.
using array hold the binary data into variables and then send that array variables data to another table
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karan joshua 15-Jun-11 11:04am    
how to do that?please help me..

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