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Hi All,

Is there any cryptography system developed in which the key is not sent from server to client for decryption.

I mean the keys are extracted via some other methods at the client side itself to decrypt! anybody knows?

Please help me.
Updated 15-Jun-11 21:33pm

How can you ask questions in such form: "anybody knows"? Many people here know this very well.

First, if keys exist, they always send somewhere. Now, I feel you did not get it. How do you think, is it possible that two parties never meet, exchange data using some open channel and still can exchange secret data even though someone spies on them from the very beginning?

Many would intuitively say this is impossible, because — whatever all of them know and tell to each other, the spy in the middle also knows. This is a subtle logical mistake. This is quite possible. The idea is well explained in this article on public-key cryptography:[^]. Follow the speculations about Alice and Bob and you will see that the "key extraction" techniques you're thinking of is not needed.

The key to understanding is based on one-way function, see[^]. The data is encrypted with one key, decrypted with another one.

RSA is one of such algorithms, see[^], ECC is another one, see[^].

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simple approach:
Decrypt in JAVA problem[^]

..for "not so much security" systems. Depends on what you want to transmit on the network. this is a useful way when the stuff "just should not be readable by everybody". Implement that on both sides in case.
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If you use any half-decent comms solution you don't need to worry about how it is done. Let the comms layer deal with this for you. Look at VPN[^] and SHTTP[^] for two good examples.
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you have to do hit and try method. use diff kind of decryption methodology.
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Nagy Vilmos 16-Jun-11 11:01am    
Not a very helpful answer really. What do you mean by hit and try?

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