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while developing in our project we are declaring parameters why we use parameters and set and get methods to that parameters pls any one tell me in depth.then i will continue my project with one view. and also why we use cmd.parameters.clear();

How can we possibly tell you WHY something is being done in YOUR code?

Oh wait... here's a crystal ball that we keep handy for when we need to devine what our customers REALLY want. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I can repurpose it for this task...
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Ra-one 11-Jul-11 9:23am    
Good One......... my 5
Ankur\m/ 11-Jul-11 10:08am    
That should go in the 2011 best quotes! :D
First of all, you need to study the core concept of Object oriented programming before starting your project.

Set and Get are the properties not the methods. Properties are used to encapsulates the fields into it.

Parameters are the variable which are used within the methods or stored procedures.
there are two type of parameters, Actual and formal.
Actual parameter are the value which you send to the function.
Formal will collects the value of that variable.

cmd.parameters.clear() is the method of the CommadClass If "cmd" is the object of it. As the name suggest it will clear() all the parameters.

I hope it has given you a little Idea, but to know in depth you have to study about it from books, articles on web as google is your friend.
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Nagasreenu Pasupuleti 11-Jul-11 9:27am    
Thankyou i will go through oops concepts. It will use full to me by reading me not memorizing but what u have sent i didnt forgot thanks alot.

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