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I have a datatable having values

Date value
1/7/11 100
2/7/11 10
2/7/11 700
3/7/11 40

I want the datatable as

Date value
1/7/11 100
2/7/11 710
3/7/11 40

i want to sum the value column havind duplicate rows

Any help wil b appreciated

Updated 30-Nov-17 21:01pm


Try this if could help...
DataTable x = new DataTable();
         IEnumerable<DataRow> dtrow = x.AsEnumerable();
         var dt = dtrow.GroupBy(dtl => dtl.Field<string>("TransDate"))
             .Select(dtg => new dtg
                 dtl.Field<string>("TransDate") = dtg.Key,
                  dtrow.Sum(d => d.Field<double>("Amount"))


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hi Al Moje

i used Dictionary<key,value>
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var result = dt_UnSort.AsEnumerable().GroupBy(dr => dr.Field<string>("Datevalue")).Select(group => new { Datevalue= group.Key, Count = group.Sum(col => col.Field<int>("Count")) });

                DataTable dt_Sorted = dt_UnSort.Clone();
                foreach (var grp in result)
                    dt_Sorted.Rows.Add(grp.Datevalue, grp.Count);
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Kats2512 1-Dec-17 3:35am    
6 year old question that has already got an accepted solution...
Member 13528638 31-Dec-17 15:47pm    
This helped me :D

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