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Hi Dear All

Could any one please tell me how to findout the sum of top 10 rows of a column in a datatable in asp .net.

I have a datatable employee

which has fileds
Id,PersonName, Amount

I would like to find the total Amount of top 10 rows. There are above 10000 rows in my datatable.I just want to findout the sum of first 10 rows

Please help me

Thank You...
phil.o 10-Jun-14 3:39am    
What have you tried?
DamithSL 10-Jun-14 4:09am    
what is the column type?

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try this.. :)

  DataTable dtGetadata=GetDataTable();

//call method GetDataTable();

public DataTable GetDataTable ()
            DataTable dtData=new DataTable();
           //Fill datatable with data

           int Total=0;

           for(int i=0;i<10;i++)


           return dtData;

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.net 3.5 + you can try below with LINQ, if your column type is int and the column name is Amount

var sum = datatable.AsEnumerable().Take(10)
    .Sum(x => x.Field<int>("Amount" ));</int>
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Hello ,
Enumerable.Take function returns a specfied number of sequence from starting position.For more details check this link .
Now try this solution :
var Total = yourdatatable.AsEnumerable().Take(10)
    .Sum(x => x.Field<datatype>("Amount" ));
//here first convert the DataTable to IEnumerable<t> objects. As this object can be used for LINQ expression .Then make a Sum function to get the result . here datatype may be decimal or int. Give the datatype for corresponding "Amount" field .
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