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Hi there,

I need to implement something like this:
when user press a button, a new process will start. The process takes about a minute to finish, and all the control of my application must be disable.

I want to make a semi-transparent layer overlapping all dialog's control, and it contains an animation (waiting animation).
The key point is that it prevent user from and interact with dialog's control, and showing the images (or animation)

How to do that?

I tried drawing a semi-transparent PNG in OnPaint() of the dialog, but it is drawn as background. I wonder if there is anyway that i can control the order in which dialog's controls are drawn, so that i can draw PNG last, over others?


Updated 22-Jul-11 20:26pm

1 solution

In order to make a dialog transparent, take a look at this article[^] from Nic Wilson[^] here in CP.

Hope this helps!
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quyps 23-Jul-11 1:19am    
Thanks Joan, you're such a great helper :)
Sorry, my question maybe not very clear about what i need to do. I modified it. I really appreciate your help.

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