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I have a folder with name 'reports' and I would like to delete one of the files present in it dynamically..when I am trying to do this

it's throwing an exception like..

"Illegal characters in path"

I think I am giving the right path?

my code written in code behind

<br />
 File.Delete(Server.MapPath("~reports") + "\\" + ASPxDropDownEdit1.SelectedItem.Text + "*.pdf");<br />

any help?

thank u !!
A Pradeep
Updated 28-Jul-11 11:53am
Amund Gjersøe 28-Jul-11 16:46pm    
You say the files is within the reports folder, so I assume ASPxDropDownEdit1.SelectedItem.Text is the file name. Could it be the '*' that is the illegal character?
Orcun Iyigun 28-Jul-11 17:02pm    
Yes I am suspicious about the value there as well. The OP should debug it and if the value has a illegal character or not.

File.Delete does not accept wild cards, so the * is an invalid character.

You could try iterating over all the files that match the search pattern like this:

DirectoryInfo directory = new DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath("~reports"));

foreach (FileInfo file in 

Hope this helps,
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AnuguPradeep 28-Jul-11 17:09pm    
thank u !!
Fredrik Bornander 28-Jul-11 17:13pm    
Glad I could help.
Please mark the the answer as Accepted if it solved your problem so that we can close the question.
Orcun Iyigun 28-Jul-11 18:10pm    
Good catch my 5! I didnt see the "*" there.
walterhevedeich 28-Jul-11 20:40pm    
Good spot.
Try the following and let me know your feedback.

string FileToDelete;
FileToDelete=ASPxDropDownEdit1.SelectedItem.Text.Trim().ToString() + ".pdf";
// Set full path to file
FileToDelete = Server.MapPath("~/reports/"+FileToDelete+");
// Delete a file
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