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Hello everyone!

I want multicast data among PCs which are far away from each other. They can be connected on internet.
So, I just set up a vpn server with win2003 server by its "route and remote access" service,
and then I created a "virtual private network (VPN) connection" on each client PC ,and connect the VPN Server on internet. I can successfully connect the VPN server on each client PC, and access the shared files with each other. The Client PCs also obtains the IPs I Set up on the VPN Server correctly.
And then I Programmed a simple C++ code which implemented multicast function with Sock function.
The code just creates a D Class IP such as, and sends the data to the IP Address I want to share among the PCs.
The Code does work on the LAN, but can't work on the VPN network I just set up. There is no response.

Is this idea wrong?
Updated 26-Aug-11 1:48am
Richard MacCutchan 13-Aug-11 5:39am    
but it doesn't work
This tells us nothing, explain what you are doing and what results or errors you see. If necessary illustrate with snippets of code (suitably bracketed with <pre> tags). Also please do not add this in one of the "Solution" entries but use the "Improve Question" button to update your original post.
Emilio Garavaglia 13-Aug-11 6:08am    
The server must also behave as a "multicast router", running a multicast rouitng protocol, and the clients participate in the routing protocol through your VPN interface.
[no name] 13-Aug-11 10:18am    
THANTKS first . but how can I set up a multicast router in win2003 server without using any hard router or devices?

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