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hi Create a UI to allow user to search for the record in the audit table.
UI consists of 2 parts: (A) Search Criteria (B) Search Result
(A) Search Criteria. Position it at top of page. Search Criteria should contains the following search fields,
Username ,Audit DateFrom ,to,Audit Time From,to,Old Value,New value
(B) Search Result. Position it below (A).
Display in a tabular format with header label same as (A)
2. Create UI for View of select record at the search screen. Details should contains,
Table Name
Old Value
New Value

create a search and view functionality on the audit table. No create, edit, and delete needed
i need some sample code...
Updated 17-Jan-12 21:12pm
LittleYellowBird 15-Aug-11 6:07am
Hi, this looks like homework, is it? If so then have a go at it yourself. No one here will do it for you and actually you will learn far more that way. Come back with questions when you get stuck and people will be ghappy to help. Best of Luck :)

If you are going to post your homework, at least try to make it look like you have attempted to do something yourself!

We do not do your homework: it is set for a reason. It is there so that you think about what you have been told, and try to understand it. It is also there so that your tutor can identify areas where you are weak, and focus more attention on remedial action.

Try it yourself, or learn the Magic Words: "Do you want fries with that?"
Dear all of you,
Audit Trail (Data Activity Monitoring) is a technique through which we can record all user’s activity on the database. where, users are interacting with database directly or through application. BinToBin IT Solution representing a tool which is unique tool for audit trail. where shadow of all table are kept in another database. And also providing you source code for audit trail report to show in your appliction desktop or you can make same in web appliction. It is too easy and user friendly tool.

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