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I am trying out AutoMapper on a Silverlight project.

I am a newbie on AutoMapper and actually just got introduced to it yesterday.

My Sample's data communication pattern goes thus: RDBM => ORM => Repository => DTO and vice versa.

Having done everything and getting to my server side WCF class for transmission to client I seem to be lacking there.

Manual Mapping:
public IEnumerable<UserPM> GetByID(int userID)
    var user = _repo.GetByID(userID);
    return new UserPM()
        UserName = user.UserName,
        FirstName = user.FirstName
        LastName = user.LastName

public IEnumerable<UserPM> GetByID(int userID) // Conversion error except for public IEnumerable<User> GetByID(int userID)
    var user = _repo.GetByID(userID);
    AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<User, UserPM>();
    return user;

Here is the issue. I get an error saying User can not be implicitly converted to UserPM. My repository at work there. The reason
a Presentation Model is to filter your data for specific requests... Am I wrong here... Please help.
Updated 19-Aug-11 6:13am

1 solution

I beleave you need to use the ForMember method
          .ForMember(dest => dest.UserName, o => o.MapFrom(src => src.UserName)
          .ForMember(dest => dest.FirstName, o => o.MapFrom(src => src.FirstName)
          .ForMember(dest => dest.LastName, o => o.MapFrom(src => src.LstName);

A short description about doing projections in AutoMapper[^]
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Member 7993759 19-Aug-11 12:51pm    
Is that not too much work than the manual mapping? Could you please explain more the benefit?

After reading the link above, what I saw there is just like "joining tables". I was told it could map DTOs to Entities which I have seen blogs about(but not really detailed).
I just want to know more about
Simon Bang Terkildsen 19-Aug-11 13:02pm    
well you should only call CreateMap once for each projection you have.
you'll use UserPM userPM = Mapper.Map<User, UserPM>(user); in order to actually do the projection.

so CreateMap should not be in your GetByID method but only run once in the lifetime of your application.

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