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I have this code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
           DataTable dt = GetTable();

           dt2.DataSource = dt;

           ddl.DataSource = dt;
           ddl.DataTextField = "Author";
           ddl.DataValueField = "Author";
           ddl.Items.Insert(0, "All");

       static DataTable GetTable()
           DataColumn col = new DataColumn();

           DataTable table = new DataTable();

           table.Rows.Add("9780471678403", "Acoustic Echo and Noise Control", "Hansler", "2000");
           table.Rows.Add("9780470544068", "Active Antennas and Quasi-Optical Arrays", "Tsoulus", "2001");
           table.Rows.Add("9780470396360", "Algorithms and Protocols for wireless Sensor Networks", "Boukerche", "2002");

           col = table.Columns["Author"];

           return table;


it is a simple example, but i need to filter the data and all the examples i looked for ont he internet all included dataset and staff.
If i put a drop down list, having to show me only the authors which i choose, i cannot do it with this type of code? Do i have to use datasets for sure?

1 solution

Filtering can be done on the data source only, so you can either use a bindingsource or the data table that is bound to datagridview. This link has plenty of ways to filter a datagridview but all use some or the other form binding source:[^]
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